This is a collection of my latest video projects.

The Ascend Parent Advisors congratulate their fellow students who are parents for completing their postsecondary education.

A recent study by the Office of Revenue Analysis found that living in DC isn’t so expensive for young people. Alexis Williams has more on just how far money can go for millennials in the District.

Although DC is perhaps best known for its politics, the music scene in the Nation’s Capital is getting a lot of play down south. Alexis Williams has more on how one local band is putting DC’s signature sound on the main stage.

Sweet Briar College, one of four same-sex schools in Virginia, will shut down a the end of this academic year. Alexis Williams has more on why many are asking if there is still a place for women’s only institutions.

Black-owned businesses are booming in the D.C. Metropolitan area according to a new study. Alexis Williams reports from a local shop that found its sweet spot in Hyattsville.

This is my first video package. My partner Liz Whyte and I worked on it together during our second week of American University’s Journalism Boot Camp. After Forbes magazine named Washington, D.C. the “coolest city in America,” we took to the streets to see if natives and tourists agreed.